VT MAK invites you to I/ITSEC 2018

The annual Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) showcases simulation, education, modeling, and training technology for the exchange of information among industry, the military, and educational communities. 

VT MAK invites you to come by booth #1413 and have a working session with the MAK team! Let’s brainstorm the solution for your next project, learn what’s new, and dive into any technical questions you have.

Watch the I/ITSEC 2018 Invitation Reel See the Products We Will Show

Integrated Training System

Watch as the entire suite of MAK products come together to form a complete training system.

See our schedule of showtimes

Mixed Reality Flight Simulator

VR-Engage Flight Simulator takes advantage of the latest in AR/VR/MR technology.
Join in on the latest trend in display technology and test your flight skills!

 Check out this video of MAK's AR in action

MAK Suite in the Cloud

The entire Integrated Training System is hosted in the public cloud – accessible from anywhere. Stop by and we can discuss how to virtualize your training system.

 See a Demo on our Website, read the MAK Suite Guide, and get step-by-step documentation of the instances we've set up

Sensor Operator Simulator

Experience our newest role in VR-Engage to operate gimbaled sensors hosted on any platform. 

See all the capabilities of the
Sensor Operator

MAK Earth

Come see the Kilo2 MOUT site and nearby training areas – part of our whole Earth terrain with new content for military training scenarios

See some of the beautiful scenery provided by MAK Earth

We're looking forward to seeing you at I/ITSEC. Drop us a line at info@mak.com if you'd like to schedule a meeting with our new CEO, Bill Cole, or any member of our staff.