Introducing The MAK ONE Guide to Virtualization

How MAK products play to the strengths of server, virtual machine, and cloud architectures

Modeling, Simulation & Training systems have been interoperating in local and wide area networks long before there even was an ‘Internet’. So, we’re no strangers to complex information technology (IT). That said, the commercial world of IT has exploded in the years since we began. Now is a good time to take the pulse of modern IT, and show how MAK products are designed to play to the strengths of servers, virtualization and public/private clouds.


This story builds from local implementations using desktop computers, through servers that make resources and applications available to multiple users, to virtualization as a way to maximize the use of computer resources, to private clouds that provide the services needed to manage and operate the servers, and finally to public clouds that provide access to vast scalability on demand.

Download this document and you'll learn:

  • The benefits of each type of IT architecture
  • The costs, or obstacles, that each presents
  • Impacts on the User Interaction Feedback Loop
  • How MAK products are specifically designed to fit at each level.

...and so much more.

The entire MAK ONE suite was designed to function in simple or complex system architectures. At MAK we’re here to help you implement whichever simulation architecture makes sense for your organization. Reach out, we’ll help you Get Ahead of the Game.





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